Probate Avoidance

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In Northern Nevada, many wills go through the court process known as probate. But probate can be avoided! What has become an expensive, difficult, public and time consuming bureaucracy is a default process for people who have not planned ahead. But with a Trust, if properly prepared and funded, NO PROBATE IS NEEDED. That is true in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Dayton, Minden, Gardnerville or the surrounding areas. We help clients create estate planning documents that will eliminate the need for probate, reducing the time, money, and stress your loved ones will need to deal with at your death. That can make a significant difference during a very difficult time.

When our attorneys visit a client’s home, the goal is to create estate planning documents that work with your goals and future plans. It is also very important to address any probate concerns, so probate can be avoided if possible. Prior planning costs pennies compared to a probate. Good estate planning for probate avoidance can make a significant difference.

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